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Town Development


The Town Development Department deals with the control and supervision of the development.


  • Centralized Functions
    • Development permission of high rise, commercial and layouts
    • Supervision of high-rise and commercial buildings
    • Implementation of GRUDA (Gujarat Regularization of unauthorized development Act) for high-rise and commercial buildings.
    • Permission of hoardings on private premises
    • Registration of Architects / Engineers/Structural designers per D.C.R.
    • Framing policies related to the Department.
  • De-centralized Functions
    • Development permission of low-rise non-commercial buildings
    • Control and Supervision of all development other than high-rise and commercial buildings
    • Implementation of GRUDA for building other than high-rise and commercial.
    • Permission for temporary structures of exhibition, fairs etc.
    • Permission for Tele-Communication Towers.

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