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Animal Adoption

An animal adoption scheme has been launched n the Surat Zoo. It is foremost, a great way to show anybodies firm commitment to wildlife conservation by supporting the attempt of Surat Zoo. It is a scheme wherein one can choose an animal of his own choice, contribute the expenses required for its food and upkeep for a certain period of time, thereby “adopting” it. The adoption cost for a particular animal is prepared based on the diet schedule of the particular animal and the approved rate of the items procured for its feeding including a tentative amount that might required for its vaccination and treatment.

Salient features of the scheme

  • Animal adoption in Surat zoo implies bearing the expenditure only for feeding and health care of any animal of the Surat zoo.
  •  Any bona-fide Individual/organization/Corporate sector can adopt an animal of Surat zoo.
  •  The zoo authority reserve the rights to accept or reject the proposal of any individual/organization/corporate sector for adopting an animal in the zoo without assigning reason thereof.
  •  The Adopter shall have to adopt the animal for a minimum period of one year.
  •  The Adopter shall bear the entire cost of feeding the animal and health care of the animal as decided by the competent authority of the zoo during the adoption period.
  •  The zoo authority will prepare the cost for adoption of a particular animal for specific period that will not be less than one year.
  •  The adopter shall have to contribute the amount that will be required for adopting the animal before the period of adoption.
  •  The name of the Adopter will be displayed with his consent in the enclosure where the adopted animal is exhibited.
  •  The adopter shall have to abide by the terms and conditions as laid down by the Surat zoo authority time to time and law in force.
  •  In case of sudden death/ disposal/ exchange of the animal, the adopter shall have an option to adopt other animal for the remaining period after having discussion with the Surat zoo authority.

List of the Animals available for Adoption and their Annual Adoption Charges


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Sr. No. Name of the Animal Adoption particulars
cost per animal in Rupees
Adoption particulars
cost per pair animal in Rupees
1. Lion 3,25,000 6,50,000
2. Tiger 3,25,000 6,50,000
3. Panther/ Leopard 1,25,000 2,50,000
4. Hyena, Otter 75,000 1,50,000
5. Jackal 40,000 80,000
6. Himalayan Black Bear 1,25,000 2,50,000
7. Sloth Bear 75,000 1,50,000
8. Deer Sambhar, Manipur Deer, Blue Bull (Nilgai) 20,000 40,000
9. Deer Spotted, Black Buck, Four horned Antelope, Hog Deer 10,000 20,000
10. Mouse deer 2500 5000
11. Hippo 1,25,000 2,50,000
12. Monkey (Bonnet) 15,000 30,000
13. Monkey (Rhesus) 15,000 30,000
14. Porcupine 15,000 30,000
15. Indian Otter 50,000 1,00,000


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Sr. No. Name of the Animal Adoption particulars
cost per animal in Rupees
Adoption particulars
cost per pair animal in Rupees
1. Crocodile Marsh 15,000 30,000
2. Gharial (Gavialis gangaticus) 25,000 50,000
3. Crocodile Siamese 15,000 30,000
4. Crocodile Caiman 10,000 20,000
5. Star Tortoise/ Turtle 3500 7000
6. Python 5,000 10,000


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Sr. No. Name of the Animal Adortion particulars- cost per animal in Rupees Adortion particulars- cost per pair animal in Rupees
1. Pelican 75,000 1,50,000
2. Emu 5,000 10,000
3. Ostrich 10,000 20,000
4. Saras Crane 50,000 1,00,000
5. Flamingo 20,000 40,000
6. Night Heron/ Ebis/ Spoon Bill 10,000 20,000
7. Black Swan 5,000 10,000
8. Cockatoo all types 10,000 20,000
9. Lorikeet All types 5,000 10,000
10. Parakeet African Grey 7,500 15,000
11. Phesant All types 5,000 10,000
12. Peacock 5,000 10,000
13. Cockatil/ Parrot/ Love bird/ Finch/ Geese etc. 1,000 2,000
14. Turaco 5,000 10,000

Privileges of adopting an animal

1. One Year free complimentary pass as follows
Groups Adoption Amount Rs. Complimentary Pass
A 1,000 – 5,000 5 Members, 5 Visits per Year
B 5,001 – 25,000 5 Members, 10 Visits per Year
C 25,000 – 1,00,000 5 Members, throughout the Year
D 1,00,001 and More 10 Members, throughout the Year
2. Official framed certificate of adoption
3. Publication of Information about the adoption in local press.
4. Display of your (Donor) name in front of the adopted animal enclosure.

How best Surat zoo can serve individual/ company/ corporates to get their name out to over 1 Million plus visitors each year.

The benefit outlined above and in case studies are merely guide; each corporate donation to Surat Zoo, Surat Municipal Corporation will be individually tailored to the unique need of the concerned organization with benefit to suit. To meet ones unique need as wel as those of concerned organization/ Corporates, representative can either visit the office of the undersigned or call us on the following contact numbers to get additional information on adoption of animals.

  • Shri Jatin Desai Addl. City Engineer (Civil)
    Surat Municipal Corporation Muglisara, Suart
    Phone No. 0261-2422285-87
    Mobile No. 91-97243-45216
    Email ace.jmd[at]suratmunicipal[dot]org
  • Dr. Prafull Chandra Mehta Superintendent of Zoo & Aquarium
    Surat Municipal Corporation, Muglisara, Suart
    Office Phone No. 0261-2453421
    Mobile No. +91-97243-45221
    Email mehtadrprafull[at]gmail[dot]com, mehtadrprafull[at]yahoo[dot]co[dot]in

Income Tax Exemption

All donations/ Adoptions are exempted u/s. 80G of the IT Act 1961. An application will be submitted to the Chief Income tax Commissioner, IT Department, Surat to issue exemption certificate on the name of the Dr. Shyma Prasad Mukerjee Zoological Garden, Sarthana, Surat.